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Get a free hob clean with your first oven clean.

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Welcome to Oven OCD.

Dave Parr Hi, my name is Dave Parr - often known as Oven Cleaner Dave, Oven Cleaning Dave or Dave The Ovens. I started professionally cleaning ovens in Herefordshire in November 2011 and unlike most people, I thoroughly enjoy doing it.  I always set about oven cleaning with the intention of being proud of the result from what I do and get incredible job satisfaction.  I thrive on the remarkably regular sequence of comments from customers; first they say “Wow!”, followed by “It looks like new” and then “It seems a shame to make it dirty again, I don’t want to use it”.

My Process: Firstly I cover the floor in the area that I am working to protect against spillages and then I take all removable parts (racks, rails, back and side plates) from the oven and hob out to my van.  Then, using specialist tools and non-toxic and fume-free oven cleaning products I set about removing burnt on carbon and grease from inside the oven.  Where possible, oven doors are removed and cleaned inside and out.  The oven components are cleaned in hot water outside at my van.  The oven is then reassembled and you really can use it immediately.

What I clean: Domestic ovens and cookers, Commercial ovens and cookers, Ranges, Agas, Hobs, Extractor Hoods, BBQs.

I can also supply replacement oven bulbs and extractor filters.

How much does it cost? 

Prices Summer 2015
Single Oven: £45 Hob: From £10
Extractor: From £15 Aga: From £90
Double Oven: £55 Range: £85
BBQ: From £35

Commercial Oven Cleaning:

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And I'm pleased that I've kept pricing the same for 3 years!
Don’t forget though, I will clean your hob free of charge with your first oven clean!

1st visit, Year 1:  Single Oven £45 and hob f.o.c
2nd visit, Year 2:  Single Oven £45 and hob £10

Total over 2 years = £100 – that’s less that 97 pence per week

Where do I operate?  Oven cleaning in Herefordshire, Ludlow, and into Powys.  I am happy to travel within the wonderful area that spans from Llandrindod Wells and Brecon in Powys, throughout the county of Herefordshire and into Shropshire as far as Ludlow.  I can travel further afield but may need to add a small fuel surcharge so please feel free to contact me if you live outside of this area.


To book my services, click on Contact Me to go to my contact page. There you will find a simple form to complete which is the most reliable way of ensuring that I get your enquiry. My 'phone number is there should you wish to call me.

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